Our Core Values Statement

Core values are the foundational principles that direct the life of the church. They are the principles that we believe to be where we should focus most of our energy and resources. Our church is not only united by our doctrinal beliefs listed here, but also by these essential values below that determine how our beliefs shape our actions.

1.  Prayer sets the pace
We value prayer because we believe that God chooses to lead and work through the prayers of His people.

2.  Clarity of scripture gives clarity for living
We value the Bible as having authority from God to teach us how to live the life we were created to live. The more clearly we understand its principles, the more clearly they give us guidance for our lives.

3.  Loving God is loving one another
We value relationships as a gift from God. We’re not loving God any more or any better than we are loving one another. The mark of our spiritual maturity is how we handle our relationships to one an-other.

4.  Make heaven throw parties
We value effective evangelism, which means that we work for the best possible way to help people understand the gospel and choose to follow Jesus Christ. According to Jesus, when someone be-comes a believer the angels in heaven celebrate: heaven throws a party for them! Helping some-one become a follower of Christ gives them hope for this present world and for the heaven to come.

5.  The mission matters more than the methods
We value adaptability, knowing that ministry methods and programs must change to continue being effective. We will constantly look for the best systems and means to share God’s message.

6.  A giving God creates giving people
We value giving through time and resources. God gives us all that is good so that we can have plenty to enjoy and to also give to others. It is His sacrifice and giving that drives us to also become generous. We’ll never give more to others than He gives to us.

7.  Invest in children today for less regret tomorrow
We value ministry to children, knowing that helping a child experience God and His love shapes their present life and their future choices. We believe that it is better to lead a life in the right direc-tion early, rather than rescue a life later.

8. Better homes make a better world
We value ministry to families, knowing that the family unit is the first arena of learning to love one another. Our ministry efforts, programming, and schedules are designed to help promote and pro-tect quality time and family relationships.

9. Grow better together
We value fellowship, knowing that God has called us to help bring out the best in one another. Worshipping and growing together in Life Groups, worship times, and fellowship events is part of God’s plan for making us better.

10.  It's not about me
We value unity, knowing that we can only carry out the mission of the church through cooperative vision, commitment, and effort. We will pursue what brings the most peace and growth to the whole by agreeing on the vital issues and being patiently kind on all others.

11.  We are captured and kept by grace
We value grace in all that we do. We know we are not perfect and that salvation is a gift from God that we can never earn. We also know that in this world will never be so good that we stop needing His gift of grace. This same grace that we receive in our imperfections is the same grace we offer to others in theirs.

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